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    His face derped up and he stood on his tippee toes, singing in a retarded voice: "ADVENTURE IS THE LIFE FOR ME! Upon the silence following, Mello realized that there was a flower that had somehow gotten scribbled between his lines. Driver picks the music, shotgun shuts his cake hole. He cut himself off from Bobby, the one person who cared about him, and started down a path that he knew could lead him to ruin. Take Jus in Bello; Sam was definitely considering cutting out Nancy Fitzgerald's heart before Dean came up with another plan. After Dean's death, Sam found another guide in Ruby. He not only allowed her to train him, I believe he followed her lead and let her convince him that killing Lilith should be his priority. I decided when I first saw the the Winchesters flash their chests in Jus In Belo and they had their incredibly hot tattoos that I wanted one too. Hey guys as you know Lucy aka lucysmileyface won the 2nd round of one-on-one interviews, here are Lucy's questions and answers:] ENJOY 1. ), they love each other so much that they are willing to sacrifice their souls without a second thought.oh, and the storylines are great! It's the moment we've all been waiting for....*engine rumbles*...ready for it....*engine revs*...is it.....*engine roars*....it's 67impala!!!!! Supernatural Fun Fact: On the day of Halloween, Dean mentions that John has been missing for three weeks and that he didn’t worry because he was in New Orleans. She is one busty asian babe and she just cannot get enough cock.Since this is the first article-list I ever made in Fanpop, I really, really hope you’ll like it…And that you’ll find it helpful. This is where Katie comes in, she is with the daughter and u see her through the beginning a middle! Have you ever felt like your whole life is stuck in a crossroad? Your bank account seems to be visited by a freaking reaper? Supernatural Fun Fact: When Jensen read about Dean's fear of flying, the first thing he thought was "Oh man, this is going to be a field day." Supernatural Fun Fact: Kripke chose for the Yellow-Eyed Demon to re-enter Sam’s life 22 years after to the day it disappeared. The number 22 (in numerology) works towards the realization of larger goals that are beyond personal ambition…like Sam with his “abilities”.

    He can be obnoxious, pushy, close-minded, and bullheaded. Say no chick flick moments when you want to avoid mushy conversation. If you're in a car accident, don't worry about those embarrassing open-back hospital clothes, because if you're incredibly attractive (like Dean) they just give you nice tight white shirts and blue trousers. Here are a couple of my favorite lines from the latest season: Lazarus rising Dean: Look, pal, I'm not buying what you're selling. "Nothin'...""Are you writin' a..." Mello arched his brow, as if to challenge him. Too close for comfort."Heheh, I'll bet it's secret stuff about me, huh? STAY OUT OF MAH BUSINESS, MOFO, AND STFD."Meanwhile, Matt sat back against the row of teeth and felt utterly betrayed. I found your non sequitur musings on “words” to be edifying, enlightening, and quite amusing. One (said to) Be having the Last word; ought vocalize. Couldn’t find ‘thesaurus’ in Bible either. In fact, I couldn’t find any mention of dinosaurs. The word butterfly has 3 syllables “but-ter-fly” but only 1 morpheme (butterfly). At closer inspection, the base word of “cats” is “cat.” Therefore, “cat” is one morpheme and “s” is the other morpheme. I agree, more articles mean more stupid yet, humorous comments to read. Is someone able to help me to distinguish the difference between desire and lust. Perhaps Nolan, a little restraint from your compulsion “to offer a different look” clearly criticizing ones genuine and seemingly personal struggle with the distinction between the two would offer your self proclaimed benevolent nature and elevated esteem among your peers another attribute CONSCIENCE! I looked up ‘sictionary’ in the thesaurus & ‘bible’ wasn’t listed as a synonym. The word “talking” has 2 morphemes – “talk” and “ing”. A syllable is part of a word, based on the words rhythm but does not necessarily change the meaning of the word (although it can if it is a prefix, for example). A good example of a morpheme is to look at the word “cats.” “ Cats” has one syllable, but two morphemes. was short for “in essence” I want more articles Me too. My lust of knowledge has put me in a position of benevolence among friends and family as a valuable source of information and an appreciated asset for a different point/s of view. There’s nothing wrong with starting a sentence with “and” – the idea that you shouldn’t is just one of many grammar myths that is at best a guideline but certainly not a universal rule.

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